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Jayri Indian Wear - Finest Ethnic Dresses Online for Women & Girls

When we think of ethnic wear for women, one brand stands out, and that's Jayri. We were among the pioneers to offer ready-made ethnic wear dresses for women. Our brand has a long history in retailing ethnic dresses for women with a widespread presence across India. Our designs not only showcase impeccable craftsmanship but also reflect the evolution of Indian ethnic dresses. We follow the fashion seasons to launch our ethnic dresses for women.

At Jayri, we understand the essence of Indian culture and its reflection in clothing, and our collection is a testament to this understanding. We're here to provide you with the finest ethnic wear that complements your style and celebrates the richness of Indian traditions.


1. What is the composition of the Jayri Women's Pure Wool Shawl?

Jayri Women Pure Wool Shawl is crafted from 100% pure wool, ensuring warmth and comfort during colder seasons.

2. Is the shawl suitable for formal occasions?

Yes, Jayri Women's Pure Wool Shawl is designed to be versatile, making it suitable for both casual and formal events.

3. Does it come in different patterns and designs?

Jayri Women Pure Wool Shawl comes in 6 different patterns and designs.

4. How should I care for the pure wool shawl?

It is advised that the shawl be washed in cold water and dried in the shade. To keep the fabric's quality, avoid using bleach, strong detergents, or hot water.

5. Can I wear it as a wrap or scarf?

- Yes, Jayri Women Pure Wool Shawl size and design make it versatile, allowing you to wear it in various styles, including as a wrap or scarf.

6. Is the wool soft and non-itchy?

Although pure wool can be soft, individual sensitivities differ. If you are concerned about irritation, try a tiny test area before wearing it for a lengthy amount of time. We even recommend using fabric softener if necessary.

7. Can I use the wool shawl in different seasons?

While Jayri Women Pure Wool Shawl is primarily designed for colder seasons, the shawl can be worn during cooler evenings or transitional seasons, depending on the climate.

8. Does it have any embellishments or embroidery?

Jayri Women Pure Wool Shawl has a beautifil floral print on their shawls which is extremely versatile and can be worn Casually, for Formal Events and Parties.

9. Is the shawl suitable for gifting?

Yes, Jayri Women's Pure Wool Shawl and other ethenic apparels available is a lovely and useful present, particularly during the winter months.