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Our Story

At Jayri, we're all about making premium Indian fashion affordable for everyone. We specialize in creating beautiful suits, woolen outfits, salwars, shawls, and more. Our focus on quality has not only made us a trusted brand in India but also a go-to manufacturer for top fashion labels.

We don't stop at just India; we've gone global. Jayri isn't just a brand; it's an international success story. With a strong presence in Europe and beyond, our products now reach fashion-forward people in over seven countries.

Jayri was founded by Ms. Rimpy Jindal and Mr. Kahan Jindal. They had a dream to create a one-stop fashion destination for women, kids, and men. We bring together the best of the fashion industry, top-notch materials, cutting-edge machines, beautiful handcrafted designs, and innovative processes to offer stylish and affordable traditional and modern clothes.

At Jayri, we turn fabrics into dreams and threads into stories. We're excited to share the magic of Indian fashion with the world. Join us on a journey through time, tradition, and transformation.

Jayri Indian Wear - Your destination for best ethnic wear for women & girls

When it comes to women's ethnic wear, one name shines brightly - Jayri. We were among the pioneers who introduced the concept of ethnic wear tailored for women. With a huge presence across India, Jayri has been a trusted name in the ethnic clothing store business for quite some time now. Our designs are not just flawless works of art; They also symbolize the evolution of Indian tribal clothing in our collection. Following the fashion calendar, we showcase our collection of ethnic wear in sync with the seasons, offering a combination of style and tradition. At Jayri, we appreciate the cultural richness that touches on Indian fashion and aim to celebrate it through our collections. Our brand stands as a testament to our commitment to providing the finest ethnic wear, telling the essence of Indian tradition, and supporting your personal style.